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  • Wool dryer balls – the natural fabric softener




  • Felted soaps – naturally exfoliating




Using British wool, I handmake a range of natural and novel gifts and goodies here in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. From dryer balls for a faster more fragrant tumble-dry to felted soaps for an invigorating bath or shower, there’s a whole flock of fabulous stuff to choose from. Why not take a look and see what takes your fancy?

Don’t be sheepish, get sociable


Whether it’s Wooly Wash or Dryer Balls, my products are as great for your clothes and garments as they are for the environment.


Whether it’s a felted soap or a balm these naturally moisturising, lanolin-enriched products will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Featured Products

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    Wool dryer balls, pack of 3 mixed classic sheep breeds £16.95
  • Herdwick Sheep Laundry Ball & Oil Set £12.95
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    Shetland sheep felted soap £9.45
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    Lanolin Balm £7.45
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