Linen sprays: heaven scent to ease the ironing

Posted by Sarah Turner on 12th Sep 2018 in Blog

Smell, so they say, is the most evocative of all our senses. And I think there’s a lot to be said for that. Think of freshly mown grass on a summer’s day. Or what about the smoke from an open wood fire? And who can resist that aroma of freshly baked bread?

No doubt you’ll have your own special fragrances that flick your switch. Whether that’s wet dog, just-brewed coffee or a blast of salty sea air, we all have something that sends us to a different place.

What’s mine? Well, you may not be surprised to know it’s the crisp clean smell of newly laundered and ironed linen. It takes me straight back to childhood days and helping mum with the washing and ironing. To me, it feels safe, secure and happy.

Perhaps subconsciously, it was those feelings that were behind one of the latest additions the Little Beau Sheep range. My new linen sprays not only smell wonderful in three different ways (more on that later) they actually help you get through the ironing a little easier.

Splash as you dash

As you’re dashing away with the old smoothing iron, a quick squirt of linen spray helps ease those stubborn creases by putting a little extra moisture back into the fabric. This is particularly useful if you tumble dry your clothes which can lead to especially resistant creasing. Linen spray works with the steam to relax the fabric for a smoother finish.

Feel as fresh as a daisy

Besides helping with the actual ironing process, linen spray leaves your laundry smelling fresh and clean. If your laundry pile has been waiting for a little while before ironing day arrives (and whose doesn’t?) then it’s a great way to lift that stale odour that can sometimes cling to clothes you haven’t had time to attend to the instant they hit the clean laundry pile.

Freshen up on the go

If your clothes are clean – but just in-between washes – then a quick spritz with linen spray can leave things feeling freshened up and good to wear. Just hang up the garment in a doorway, spray a mist from a distance of about 10 inches and then allow to dry for a few minutes before wearing. Hey presto – fresh laundry feels without all the work. Try it on towels, carpets and pillows too. I even use my favourite linen spray to fragrance a room (great when last-minute guests are arriving).

So, which one are you?

With three fragrances currently to choose from, which one is your favourite? First in the line-up is my personal favourite: Classic Laundry Fragrance. This is the one that whizzes me back to childhood in just a few sniffs! Whether it’s clothes, bed-linen or my sofa, it’s my go-to linen spray.

Next up is Lavender. Gentle, natural and timeless, this floral fragrance is relaxing and promotes a calm aura. This makes it especially good when it comes to freshening up pillows or bedrooms.

Last but by no means least, New Baby captures that cute and cuddly baby smell that any parent knows so well. It’s a mix reminiscent of old-fashioned talc and bath time. For me, it brings back memories of when my two were tiny tots. As well as making rompers redolent it’s a gentle way to perfume pushchairs, toys and car seats. This is proving super-popular – not sure whether it’s parents or those who, like me, just love a little walk down memory lane now and again!

Did I say three fragrances? Breaking news: Orange & Cedar Wood linen spray is coming your way soon. Woody, sweet, warming and cleansing, it’s perfect for your treasured woollies as it helps to keep those dreaded moths at bay. Watch this space.

Get the set with matching laundry oils.

Each linen spray fragrance has a matching laundry oil to keep it company. Perfect for dabbing on the famous Little Beau Sheep laundry balls to ensure a consistent scent throughout your laundry. Or why not try it on a laundry ball as a drawer freshener to keep your smalls smelling sweet?

Plastic-free packaging adds the finishing touch

As with everything in the Little Beau Sheep-fold, linen sprays are packaged with the environment in mind. That’s why we’ve done away with plastic in favour of recyclable aluminium. So not only do you smell good, you do good at the same time.

Until next time,

Sarah X